Get paid doing what you love deed!

We are a professional platform making money with us is easy!

At bimbarent we help guests
choose transport for recreation,
and its owners to receive additional income.

Posting an ad is absolutely free.

Booking notifications are sent by mail, viber or telegram.

We know how important it is to trust the people who rent your vehicle. Therefore, you can set up a security deposit for added security.

You have full control over the reception of guests, thanks to the settings for the booking schedule and the rental rules that guests are required to accept. You can stop accepting applications at any time.

We only charge rental commission for confirmed bookings. You will receive the rest of the amount for the reservation on the day of the rental when meeting with the guests in person. The amount of the commission depends on the region and type of transport. On average it is 15% – 20%.

What do we spend your commission on?

Thanks to the fees, bimbarent is constantly working on developing the platform to increase the number of your bookings.

Marketing. We advertise your offer on Google, Facebook and Instagram services to attract even more customers.

We are an official company we pay taxes.

What does bimbarent expect from hosts?

Respond to rental requests within 24 hours. Do not cancel your bookings.

Add high-quality and beautiful photos. Ads with professional photos get 3-5 times more engagement.

Before we publish your ad, we will ask for documents confirming the ownership of the vessel, as well as any other document confirming the parking place (receipt for parking payment or certificate from the yacht club, airfield). This is how we monitor security, fight against scammers and more. Guests will not see your documents.

Still have questions? They will not go unanswered.

How to start renting a vehicle with bimbarent?

Register on the site and add your vehicle. It’s totally free.

Do I need a license to rent?

We try to make the service reliable and safe for everyone. When adding a vehicle, we ask you to provide a photo of your driving license and, in some cases, a certificate from the parking spot. The owner of the boat or his representative is responsible for safety during the charter. A first aid kit, fire extinguisher, life jackets, parachutes (for an air vehicle) or other rescue equipment must be on board in accordance with Ukrainian law.

I have a team, how to give access to a bimbarent account for everyone?

When you register a bimbarent account, use an email and a password that will be available to all team members. Notifications about rent will be sent to the general mail, as well as to the telegram or viber chatbot. You can add multiple numbers.

You can check your booking through our calendar in your bimbarent account or through the google calendar.

What information is available to guests?

bimbarent will provide guests and owners with each other’s contact information after booking confirmation. You will receive the guest’s name and phone number.

What is the commission for bimbarent?

bimbarent will charge a confirmed booking fee. The funds go to salaries, promotion of your transport in Google and social networks, to pay taxes (we are an official company), to support and develop the platform. The size of the commission depends on the region and vehicle category. On average, this is 15-20%. Unlike other services, you do not have to top up your balance in order to receive rental requests. Receiving applications for rent is free of charge.

When do I get paid for my rent?

The guest pays the principal amount for the rental before the start of the booking (except for prepayment) at the transport location personally to the owner of the vessel or his representative.

How does a security deposit work?

We understand how important it is to solve problems immediately on the spot. The security deposit works in the same format as you rent a car. After the rental, if there is no damage, the owner returns the full amount of the security deposit to the guests. The security deposit is an option that the owner can activate or deactivate.

Can I change the rental date?

Yes, owners can change the booking date 48 hours before the start of the rental. Before the date is updated in the system, it must be confirmed by the guest. If you need to shift the date less than 48 hours in advance, then such changes are agreed directly with guests.

The guest canceled the reservation. What should I do?

If your reservation was cancelled, you will receive a notification by phone and email. We are very sorry, but in this situation, claims for compensation will not be accepted. This is part of the risk in such kind of business.

Can I cancel my booking?

Only guests can cancel bookings. If you have a force majeure, please contact us. We do not charge cancellation fees, but in the future, problem-solving skills can help you to achieve “super-owner” status.

How do vehicle owners pay taxes?

We do not assist in collecting taxes. If you need to collect taxes from guests, please indicate in the rental rules the amount that guests should pay additionally on arrival.

Rent a yacht, jet ski, airplane, helicopter, supercar (ONLY in Ukraine)

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