Rent catamarans in Ukraine

Sailing catamaran rental issues in Ukraine

How to choose a sailing catamaran for rent?

The choice depends on the purpose of the trip and the number of the participants. The price of renting a catamaran depends on the model, year of manufacture and equipment, as well as the season of the reny. It is cheaper in spring and autumn, while a little more expensive in summer.

How to pay for a catamaran rental?

Payment is divided into two parts. A prepayment is made during booking. If the owner rejects your request, we will refund the prepayment in full. After confirmation of the reservation by the shipowner, the remaining amount is paid on the spot. Prepayment includes preparation of the vessel (cleaning), an experienced captain and fuel.

Can I take my food on a catamaran?

Yes, and do not forget about water and other drinks. Large catamarans have a full kitchen, so during a long walk you can cook on the spot.

Who determines the route of the walk?

You decide where to go and where to moor. If you rent a catamaran with a captain, you will be offered a couple of options for a walk. Without a captain, the main thing is to correctly calculate the time on the way back to the yacht club.

Can we start our walk outside the yacht club?

Yes, you can discuss a convenient place to get on the boat with the catamaran owner. If it is near the ship’s parking space, you will not have to pay for the supply.

Is the catamaran equipped with a toilet?

All motor sailing catamarans have several toilets (galleys) and a couple of showers on board. Simple, pontoon, catamarans can be without a toilet. Check the catamaran equipment, it is indicated on the ship’s page.

Is it possible to rent a catamaran without a captain?

On the catamaran page, the owner indicates whether his ship is rented with a skipper on board or can be guided by the guest independently, i.e. without a captain. Be prepared that you’ll be asked for a catamaran license. This charter format is popular for daily rent.

What to take with you on a catamaran?

Water, snacks, glasses and hats, sunscreen, a jacket in case of bad weather, shoes with white and non-slip soles, swimming trunks or swimsuits. And most important – a power bank for the phone.

Are there life jackets on board?

According to Ukrainian law, each catamaran has adult and children’s life jackets. In addition to the fire extinguisher, there is a lifebuoy. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the captain is responsible for the safety during the rental.

The card of the catamaran shows 8 people, if there will be more of us?

The description of each catamaran indicates the maximum number of guests on board. This is a manufacturer’s restriction related to safety.

Is it possible to change the date of booking a catamaran?

Yes, contact the shipowner and offer a new rental date. In case there is a free slot, you will reach an agreement.

I can not ride a catamaran, how to return the rent?

Do not rush to cancel the rent, you can always move it by contacting the owner of the boat. If you still can not go swimming on the day of the rental, then in the personal account in the active booking card, click on cancel. We will refund your prepayment, excluding bimbarent costs and service fees. The penalty is higher if the cancellation date is closer to the rental date.

Rent a sailing catamaran in Ukraine

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