Rent sailboats in Ukraine

Questions about the sailing trip

How to choose a sailing yacht for charter?

The choice of a yacht depends on the number of guests and the level of desired comfort. Small yachts are suitable for a budget holiday: two to three hour trips for a small group. Most likely, there will not be a toilet and a refrigerator. Larger yachts give an option to stay not only at the rear aft, but also at the bow. In addition, there is a toilet on board. Large sailing yachts have such amenities as luxury yachts or catamarans – these are full cabins with toilets and showers, a kitchen area, a refrigerator, a stove, a couple of tables and sun loungers at the bow.

When is the rent paid?

When booking a yacht, we ask for a partial prepayment online. If the owner declines your request, we will automatically refund the full amount of the prepayment. After successful confirmation of the rental request, you will receive the contacts of the owner of the vessel. The rest of the rental amount is paid to the owner before the start of the walk.

What does the payment include? What additional services are available?

The rental price includes preparation of the boat (external and internal cleaning), the captain on board and fuel (on a quiet ride). Additionally, you can order catering, photography, and fishing tackle. A list of all additional services is indicated on the boat page.

Is it allowed to take food with me?

Yes. When walking for half a day, take along water (1 liter per person), ready-made meals or snacks, and fruits. Possibility to take alcohol with you – check the conditions on the vessel’s page. Sometimes light alcoholic beverages are allowed and strong alcohol is prohibited.

Who determines the sailing yacht route?

Of course, if you are familiar with the area, then suggest to the captain the route of your walk. In other cases, the captain will offer the best option based on the length of the lease and the time of day.

Can we board the yacht at another yacht club?

Yes, most captains are able to moor outside restaurants or enter other yacht clubs to pick up guests. Check the boat delivery on the yacht page or directly with the owner after booking. Submission of the yacht can be free or paid depending on the distance from the ship’s parking area.

Do all sailing yachts have a toilet?

Most of the medium and large sailboats have a toilet and shower. Small yachts may not have a toilet on board. Boat options are listed in the equipment section.

Are life jackets given out for a walk?

Life jackets are on board. They are not given to the guest when the walk starts, but are available in case of emergency, since the captain is responsible for the safety of guests during the rest. The owner of the yacht can answer all questions after booking confirmation.

Is it possible to rent a sailing yacht without a captain?

Not always. Charter rentals in Ukraine are not as developed yet, as in other countries. Nevertheless, some owners are ready to rent their sailing yacht without a captain. Rental details are described in the rules on the boat page. Do not forget about the presence of a license and additional insurance deposit.

How can I reschedule my sailing yacht charter?

Check with the boat owner. The sooner you do this, the more likely that the new date will be approved. In order for the new booking date to be displayed in the personal account, the owner of the vessel must submit a request 48 hours in advance.

Bad weather, how to get money back for a sailing yacht rental?

The sailors joke “there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes.” But we have no time for jokes now. If the weather conditions really do not allow the yacht to leave the marina, then, most likely, the owner will contact you with a proposal to postpone the rental date. If you wish to cancel your rental, we will reimburse your prepayment, excluding services and bimbarent fees.

What to take with you on a sailing yacht?

If you are planning to have a full rest, then: water for everyone, food, sunscreen, hat, swimming trunks / swimwear, towels, a music speaker and a powerbank for your phone.

Rent a sailing yacht in Ukraine

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